Every developer needs a set of tools that they can use to be able to provide the best results for clients. At DMObjects, whether we are working on a web application or website design or mobile application, we always make sure that we are equipped with the best tools available in the industry. 

As professionals, it is important for us to be able to find the most efficient process of achieving goals and meeting client demands, and the technologies we use in application development play a huge role here. Below, we discuss four technologies that we use every day that help us get our work done.

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C# is often touted as the best programming language, and at DMObjects, we don’t settle for anything less. For your web application needs, C# is great because it uses type inference, thereby requiring fewer keystrokes to provide safety to developers, while also being equipped with asynchronous programming and functions. Besides, C# is the code base for our mobile application development as well, where Xamarin allows apps which are written in C# to be used across platforms. 


ASP. NET MVC is a web application framework from Microsoft. It is an open-source software which implements the MVC (model-view-controller) pattern, combines it with the best parts of the current ASP.NET platform, as well as the latest techniques from Agile development. ASP. NET MVC is a part of the .Net platform, allowing users to develop web applications and websites using C#, CSS, HTML, Javascript, and so on.

The .Net Core version is an open source version of ASP.Net MVC, which is actively supported by Microsoft nowadays. This framework can be run in multiple platforms, that’s why many software development businesses shifted to this technology.

Entity Framework 

Entity Framework is an open-source ORM (object-relational mapping) framework for ADO.Net. Initially, it belonged to the .NET framework, but since the sixth version came out, it has been separated. Entity Framework helps to simplify mapping between objects in web applications to the columns and tables of a relational database, creates database connections, executes commands, takes query results, and automatically materialize these results into application objects. 


Xamarin is a cross-platform API that we use for mobile application development. It allows us to be more efficient as it requires only one programming language to write code across different platforms. This means that instead of using different languages to write code for a mobile app, we use just one, which is C#, and several platform-specific developments are made later on. On average, 75% of the coding is shared across different platforms, which helps us save a lot of time. This means that you can get your app market-ready in no time.