mobile application development

Every mobile app developer is familiar with the struggle of having to deal with pressure from clients who want apps to be ready for the market in as little time as possible. On top of this, they often expect high-quality apps with stunning and interfaces, with little to no knowledge about how complex the process really is. 

This means that it is important for mobile app developers to find the most efficient process of achieving their goal and meeting client demands, and this is where Xamarin comes in. Below, we discuss 4 reasons why Xamarin is a great API for mobile app developers.

Uses C# as the code base 

Xamarin employs C# as the code base, which is often touted as the best programming language for mobile apps, especially for cross-platform mobile app development. C# is great because it uses type inference, thereby requiring fewer keystrokes to provide safety to developers, while also being equipped with asynchronous programming and functions. The app is then configured accordingly so that it is suitable for different platforms. 

Truly cross-platform, thereby increasing efficiency 

Xamarin is extremely time-saving for developers as it increases efficiency by requiring the use of only one programming language to write code across different platforms. This means that instead of using different languages to write code for a mobile app, you can use just one, which is C#, and several platform-specific developments are made later on. On average, 75 percent of the coding is shared across different platforms, which helps you save a lot of time. This means that you can get your app market-ready in no time. 

Integrated with Azure which enables AI access for mobile apps

Thanks to its integration with Azure, Xamarin allows easy AI access for mobile apps. This means that even if an app requires advanced AI services such as object detection, smile detection and sentiment analysis to name a few, you can easily have these ready in a few minutes without having to spend hours and hours on writing code. Besides, the Xamarin-Azure integration has enabled cloud storage and plenty of other cloud-based tools. 

Highly cost-effective 

Since Xamarin is cross-platform, you don’t need to invest in developing native infrastructure for different operating systems like Android, iOS and Windows. This means that you can save a ton of money by having just one API to deliver high-quality and seamless mobile apps for all platforms.