Self-Service Technology

The customer service market is growing exponentially with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.4%. As a result, it is taking over and playing a vital role in the customer service market. About 73% of customers need the ability to solve product or service issues on their own. Additionally, 65% of them feel good about the company when they are being enabled to do so. Thus, any business owners need to take note of this growth to shape themselves to be competitive. The idea of self-service technology is a win-win proposition. Moreover, self-service technology like Kiosks, websites, and mobile apps have enabled businesses to streamline their transaction processes, reduce overhead, and potentially increase revenue along with giving the customer more control over the service process. 

Reasons Why Self Servicing is the Key For Customer Satisfaction:

With evolving technological advantages and a greater desire for time savings, modern customers are looking for efficient buying opportunities as integral to elite service and Self-service technologies are the key to get this done. This facet of modern technology has a positive impact on improving customer satisfaction and retention rate.

Below are some examples of the same:

Faster Service Response Time

A commonly encountered problem of the customers is to go somewhere to use the service and have to wait in line to get the service they need. The basic reason behind this traditional approach is that the lack of enough assisted service workers to help customers efficiently. This ratio of workers to customers leads to keeping them wait for several hours for a service that they required instantly. By leveraging self-service technology, you can avoid customers to feel disconnected from your business due to their impatience caused by waiting in line.

Giving Them The Power of Leveraging the Service in the way they Need

Recent research proves that empowering the customers to make use of the service in the way they intended too is the key to customer retention and satisfaction. For example, in today’s marketplace, there are many types of mobile applications that can track different aspects of our lives. Health-monitoring apps are one of the most popular types of applications among consumers where the customers can download their data and thus easily identify what is required and track fast how can they adapt to the needs. This empowerment can lead customers to make quick and effective decisions that keep them engaged with the brand. 

More Personalized Experience

Self-service technology helps to get rid of the one-size-fits-all traditional approach and helps in offering services based on the needs that each customer specifically has. In general, self-service technology offers more personalized options for the customers by helping them to have full control over what they want their experience to be. This helps to retain them and engage them more increasingly when compared to the in-person assistance services. 

4 Reasons Why Startups Should Harness the Power of Self-service Technology?

Discussed below are the four reasons why startups should harness the power of self-service technology:

1. Resource Management Made Simple and Powerful

Most of the businesses are investing their major time in tightening up their HR department’s time to look for staff whose main focus will be answering calls and keying in data. Online self-service scheduling means that most customer handling processes will be completed by your customers. They do the work of finding an available appointment time, selecting a provider, and keying in their contact information. So you don’t need to hire or manage staff for these tasks. Also, Kiosk machines have automated the traditional counter process where the customers can take control over their needs and preferences.

2. Streamlined Process Management

Self-service automation helps to match the ever-changing demands of your customers. This next-gen technology enables the business to handle repetitive tasks so people don’t have to perform it all the time. From automatic text and email reminders to monthly reports to your customers will help you to keep them aligned with your business and thus improving the level of customer satisfaction you offer to them.

3. Satisfy Customer Demands

Businesses nowadays are slowly realizing that technology can be used to improve communications with clients. This offers a low-effort experience that not only increases visibility and loyalty but also generates cost savings. For any consumer, the primary motivation for the continuation and referring someone to particular goods and services is his/her satisfaction. With Self servicing technologies available, you can provide high-end customer satisfaction by addressing their demands and also create a brand value that helps in expanding your business globally.

4. Attract More Customers

When you have leveraged Self Service Technologies, you have the power to potentially attract customers who want efficiency. By offering an absolute level of customer satisfaction and brand equity, you will be having more chances to grow your business exponentially.

In this digital world, it is evident that self-service technological innovations and advancements are a critical component of customer-business interaction. Thus, these self-service technologies have become a crucial criterion for any business to survive in the long run. 

The author of this article is Sakshi Sharma: 

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