Meet DMObjects Affordable Web and App Design

Cheap Web Design in Langley, British Columbia

We are the leading affordable web development service, in the Greater Vancouver Area, Fraser Valley and now expanding in British Columbia.

DMObjects Web and App Design is a digital agency based in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. We specialize in website design and application development. 

If you’re looking for an affordable website design price, we supply it and most importantly, you get quality too, due to our talented and efficient team. 

Sometimes it seems like online shopping is taking over. Therefore, maybe you need a cheap application development price, we certainly can do that too. As a result, we’ll help you boost your business. In fact, customers all over Langley, Surrey, Metro Vancouver rely on our affordable web development service. 

Our customers include startups, individuals and small businesses and many more besides. We cover the Greater Vancouver area and beyond, therefore we know your market.   

Affordable Website Design Plans

Affordable Design


Startup Business

1-5 web pages

website hosting at $100/year

free stock images

no hidden/monthly costs

1 round of free minor revision

optional domain registration at extra cost

additional web page at $60

SEO copywriting at extra cost

Regular Design


Startup Business

6-10 web pages

website hosting at $100/year

free stock images

no hidden/monthly costs

2 rounds of free minor revisions

optional domain registration at extra cost

additional web page at $60

SEO copywriting at extra cost

Premium Design


Medium-sized Business

11-15 web pages

free website hosting for the first six months

free stock images

no hidden/monthly costs

4 rounds of free minor revisions

optional domain registration at extra cost

additional web page at $60

SEO copywriting at extra cost

Elite Design


Large-sized Business

16-25 web pages

free website hosting for the first year

free stock images

no hidden/monthly costs

6 rounds of free minor revisions

optional domain registration at extra cost

additional web page at $60

SEO copywriting at extra cost

Custom Web and Mobile Application Solutions

Web Application


Please ask for pricing.

will use C# and ASP.Net MVC framework for development

responsive / mobile friendly look-and-feel

SQL Server back-end database

Mobile Application


Please ask for pricing.

will use C# and Xamarin framework for development

native application

SQL Lite / SQL Server back-end database

Cheap, Efficient, Effective

When you are looking for cheap application development or cheap website design, it still needs to be effective.

There’s no point in spending money on something that doesn’t deliver. You still need the latest efficient Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools. 

You are one needle in a vast internet haystack. So, you have to make yourself easy to find. Many consumers never get past the first page of a web search. Some never get past the first few entries at the top.

Even when a consumer has found you, you need to hold their attention. 

Browsing consumers spend very little time on a site unless it grabs their attention quickly. It’s easy to move on to something else.

Your business also needs to have fast page loading and responsive page layout layouts.  You need your page ranking to be near above your competition. 

We know affordable ways to make that happen for you. 

Why we are affordable?

It’s easy to waste your money on websites that are more than you need to pay for.

Similarly, you can waste money on a cheap website that doesn’t deliver the results you want.  

Unless you and the website company understand each other, things will go slowly. Mistakes might happen too, and misunderstandings.

That’s all going to add to your bill. Because time is money and mistakes cost money. 

We keep things affordable by getting to know you first. We’ll be very clear with you about what your choices are. Plus, we will listen carefully to what you have to say.

All that means we won’t waste time or money on unnecessary work.

That means you get a great result, that’s also a cheap result.

Some agencies will deliver a good result, but the bill will be huge.

Other agencies will deliver a cheap result, but the result will be poor.

We don’t compromise on quality. Our affordable web development service is efficient. That keeps our costs down. We pass those cost savings on to you, as cheap prices.

Affordable Websites, from start to finish

Before the project starts, we’ll make sure everything is clear to you upfront.

From the start to the end of the project, we make sure each page is what you need. We stay in touch with you, to make sure everything is on track. If you need changes during the project, we can accommodate those efficiently.

We’ll be especially careful to look after your brand. Your reputation is valuable. This means our designs and content will be right for your business. We will honestly advise you on what works. If necessary, we will advise you on what does not work. 

Consumers use many browsing platforms today. These include PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, etc. Making sure your website works smoothly for all platforms is important. Customers will avoid returning to poorly functioning sites, therefore we test for different platforms. 

Websites come in different shapes and sizes. One page websites suit some businesses. Others need dynamic sites, which can be updated quickly, like Hotels, Auction houses and Letting agents.        

Our team is highly skilled at developing the sites you need, big or small. They are also very receptive to you and your ideas, so your site reflects who you really are.

eCommerce sites that are affordable

If you want to sell your products or services directly from the web, we can help you.

We offer cheap eCommerce site development. Our eCommerce team is knowledgeable and skilled. We can quickly get your site up and running. It will be smooth and secure. That means customers will trust it and use it. 

eCommerce sites can give a great Return on Investment. They can pay for themselves quickly and the money will keep coming in. Above all, you can see a fast return on profit. Similarly, they are a great way of upselling and generating interest in other parts of your business.

Our developers can create payment gateways for you. These can be PayPal or other services, We make sure this work smoothly and securely.

Stock control is important in eCommerce. So, we will build a strong back management system.  Consequently, you can plan your stock levels easily. In addition, you can also forecast and track trends quickly. 

More transactions take place on Mobile devices today. Our eCommerce sites are optimized for computer, mobile, and tablet. Because of that, your customers will get great experience from any device.

Telephone and email support is available. If any issues arise, we will be there to help resolve quickly. 

Finally, we offer either package deals or fully bespoke services. Choose which one is right for you and your business.