At DMObjects Web and App Design, we are committed to protecting our customers' privacy online.

The following section will clear your doubts on how we handle any information and data that you share with us while you submit inquiries at our website.

Our privacy policy terms may be subject to change periodically. To provide transparency, we immediately update this page with any new terms updated to our privacy policies. We advise you to read our privacy policies intermittently to get updated with any updates in our privacy policy.

DMObjects will not make available your personal and individual information and data to any third party unless warranted to do so by a judicial officer, authorized body, or regulation.

At DMObjects, our clients and service users are free to share their experiences with us or their feedback about us on their websites. Likewise, although at DMObjects, we respect your freedom to express yourselves, we still reserve the right to point out any repulsive and unmannerly content and cut them out from our servers.

Our privacy policies interpret that DMObjects is not responsible to protect your administrative contact information concerning your domain registration information which is available in public view from any third-party website or application.

In addition, DMObjects also interprets that your personal and individual information and data saved at our database will strictly be employed by only DMObjects for making DMObjects' services better or offering exclusive deals to you.