Web Design Trends

Image credit: Unsplash

The trends in the world of web design have been the subject of constant change over the years. These web design trends are the consequences of technological and cultural changes. 2020 seems to be a canvas of endless technical possibilities, and designers are not backing down. As a result, we can see them play with extremes, reinventing certain styles, and relentlessly exploring newer technologies. Newer trend designs improve the product or website’s look and appeal to a larger audience. But the dynamic nature of web design Langley trends makes it difficult to stick to just one of them.

So, let’s break it down and see which designs are in store for 2021:

Minimalism Combined With White Space

Minimalism is one of the most classic designs of all time. It is a strong, evolving design. It has been recently featured with large swaths of white space. Moving ahead, the elegance and beauty, along with its easy-to-understand and highly usable flair, is what makes minimalism stand out.

Dark Mode – The 2021 Web Design Trends

Web designers complement dark interfaces with brighter elements and typography that is easy to understand. A dark aesthetic has been welcomed by the crowd with a huge success. It is the newest feature on popular applications, like Instagram.

Abstract or Artistic Illustrations

The latest contender for popularity, abstract or artistic illustrations includes elements with line-style drawings and hints of animation to tell the story. It has become a new favorite of the designers due to its authentic, unforced, and whimsical nature.

Liquid Animation

A form of animation on a website is a very common approach these days. Liquid animation resorts to a water-like animation, or a liquid-style movement. The design is used as a way to transition video elements, or as a general animation that draws in users. A perfectly timed, smooth, and fluid speed of movement allows this trend to give the most realistic feel to the website.

3D Everything

Adding a layer of depth to different elements create a sense of realism. Whether it is faux or immersive, three-dimensional imagery is an extension of that idea. With improving technology, creators incorporate 3D objects as a design to add a realistic web experience.

Geometric Shapes – 2021 Web Design Trends

A simple, yet powerful tool taken up by designers; geometric shapes add more engaging visual compositions. Commonly, they are used to create dividers between sections.

Bold Fonts

Headlines are the showstoppers of industrial websites. In fact, they grab your attention the most with large bold designs. Additionally, such designs add visual weight to the message and direct the reader to what they should be looking at immediately.

Streamlined Navigation

Streamlined navigation, also known as minimalist navigation, has been ruling over the world of navigation styles. Less navigation creates more of a direct path to the information you want the audience to engage in. It is common in smartwatches and similar wearables.